Don’t Attend Our Father’s Burial, Justice Okeke Threatens Her Brother


A Judge of the Federal High Court, Uyo Division, Hon Justice Agatha A. Okeke has threatened her half brother from attending the burial of their Father slated for Friday, 4th September, 2020 in Anambra State.

They are both from the Nkwocha’s family in Enugwu-Ukwu, Anambra State

Information gathered by our correspondent indicated that the former Chief Registrar of the Federal High Court of Nigeria now a Judge with the Federal High Court, Uyo Division, has been using her office to threaten Mr. Hycient Nkwocha’s and his younger ones.

Mr Hycient is the same father with the judge and different mother.

Our correspondent also came across her recent messages to Mr Hyacinth which is quoted here “Hyacinth, you are a shameless goat. In the card I printed, you have the temerity to insert your name. You are a fool. Why don’t you print your own card and put your name. You are a bastard and have no right to insert your name in the card I printed for the burial of my father. You are a beast of no nation, and since you have decided to wash your stinking dirty linen in public, I will give you the right dose of your medicine. Big borne fool. A fool at 60, is a fool for eternity. Idiot! I built a house for you, gave you jobs when you were loafing around, made you an Ozo which you least deserve. Now, you swore you will cause problem in my own father’s burial. The man you fought, insulted and slapped his wife. If you know you value your miserable life, just stay away for your own good or else, your name will be sorry. Idiot, for your information, my father has a sons and the eldest is Ozo Chimeluo Nkwocha. You can’t even print a common card. You pirated the card I printed and inserted your dead name. Ever heard of an offence called piracy? Dare me again, and by the time I finish you, you will curse the day you were catapulted into Anamazu family. Fool, stupid, senseless, your greed will be your greatest undoing. You waited for Okpuluisi to die, for you to reap where you did not sow. Who knows, you may even tell us more about his death. More will still unravel and I am sure the Gods are after. For your information, you better return all the clothes and everything I gave you for the burial. So long as you keep them, it becomes a curse. For those who the gods want to kill, they first make mad. You are already on the second stage of madness, it is remaining for you to get to Nkwo market. The train of madness will surely land you. Stupid foolish vagabond”.

She went further “Shame on you, you cannot even afford to print a card. Abomination. You will sink in the grave you dug for yourself. Idiot. The head of Okpuluisi family is Ozo Chimeluo Nkwocha. The head of Nkwocha family is Sir Victor Chiedozie Nkwocha. You are in Anamazu family by accident. Simply respect yourself”.

“We wonder why a Public Figure in the person of Hon Justice Agatha A. Okeke won’t respect her office and stop threatening her half brother from giving their late father, last respect by attending the burial taking place on Friday 4th September, 2020 in Enugwu-Ukwu, Anambra State, a community elder told our correspondent.

Another community Elder told our correspondent that all effort to settle whatever issues that has separated Hon Justice Agatha Okeke and her brother, Mr. Hycient Nkwocha proved abortive as she has succeeded in causing disunity among the elders who are supposed to resolve the issues.

Another family source expressed his displeasure by saying, “She keeps using her office as a Judge as well as Police Personnel to threaten the young man. Now she won’t allow him pay his father the last respect. I wonder how she behaves to other Justices in the Federal High Court of Nigeria or the lawyers and litigants that appears before her.. if she can treat her half brother like this”.

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  1. Please leave justice okonkwo alone, this lady came from a very humble beginning and riched to this level with her intelligence and her brain, I know because I have been knowing her for over 40 years, I was her school mother and friend. She is being taken advantage of in her pertanal family because she is a female, enough of that nonsense in Igbo land, male issues trying to reap where they did not sow. Half brother thinks that he can bully her by making a private letter public, why not move out of the house she built for you? Greediness is the order of the day for so called diokpalas in Igbo land.Tufia, never bite the finger that fed you.

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