Actress Etinosa Lambastes Unfaithful Married Men

Popular Nollywood Actress, Etinosa Idemudia, has reacted to the death of Super TV CEO, Michael Usifo.

The CEO was allegedly murdered by his side-chick in Lagos.

The controversial actress took to her social media page to berate unfaithful married men.

In her words, she said: “After you marry ‘society spec’ God fearing’ to please family and society you will keep the innocent woman at home as ‘baby making machine’ home maker’ and go rent Airbnb for your real spec, your kind, your soul mate, your fellow drug and alcohol addict that truly makes you happy.

Are you not deceiving yourself? Why don’t you just marry your spec and build your home in love and happiness? Why can’t you just be true to yourself and marry for yourself not for society validation???

A lot of pretenders and hypocrites causing themselves and their partners grief. Same goes to men who marry model coke bottle but their true spec is plus size fat.

Same for men who marry women when their true spec is men All of you Continue deceiving yourself.”

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