AEDC Introduces Direct Vending Platform, Resumes MAP Scheme

Abuja Electricity Distribution Company Plc (AEDC) has introduced an online platform that allows electricity customers to buy energy directly from the company’s website rather than go through a 3rd party.

AEDC announced the introduction of the online vending platform and the return of the Meter Asset Provider Scheme (MAP) at a press conference, Wednesday, February 9, 2022 in Abuja.

The company said, the platform would not only eliminate extra charges, such as service charge, commission and convenience fees, but would allow easy reconciliation of account, 24/7 online real time service, as well as instant value for the energy purchased from any part of its franchise area.

The Chief Marketing Officer, AEDC, Donald Etim said, in developing the platform, the company was guided by the need to create more access options for the customers and at the same time reduce the burden of any additional cost especially at a time when a lot of Nigerians are groaning under the burden of contending financial responsibilities that seem to constantly gnaw at their purchasing power.

Meanwhile, the company said, all was set for it to commence metering its customers via the (MAP) scheme following its previous halt due to the operations of the National Mass Metering Programme.

The metering program, according to AEDC, gives customers the option of paying for meter while the money is refunded to them through the issuance of energy credit over a period of 36 months.

It said, the scheme was in response to the efforts of AEDC to ensure that all customers are metered in line with the policy of the Federal Government.

AEDC said, by design, the “regulated price for a single phase meter is N63,061.32 (VAT inclusive) while a three phase meter goes for N117,910.69 (VAT inclusive)”.

The company further stated that it has put in place all that was required to ensure that customers process their applications for meters in a seamless way.

“Our customers are assured of a seamless processing of their application for a meter. Customers are also assured of the fact that meters will be installed within 10days of the receipt of their application for a meter”, the company said.

Also speaking on MAP relaunch, the Chief Technical Officer, AEDC, Engr. Oluwafemi Zacchaeus said, about 135,000 single phase meters and 45,000 three phase meters, totalling 180,000 meters would be installed under the MAP Framework.

He said, all the six MAP Vendors have committed to supply 50,000 meters monthly in AEDC store. He gave the Vendors’ names to include: Mojec International Company, Protogy Global Services, Turbo Energy, Momas, CIG and Holley.

According to him, all the MAP Vendors shall be present in all the AEDC 9 Regions: FCT Central, FCT North, FCT East, FCT West, FCT South South, FCT South East, Kogi, Nasarawa and Niger.

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