Senator Melaye Turns Evangelist On Twitter, Dishes Out Prayer

Senator Dino Melaye, (SDM) may have turned an evangelist, going by the very spiritual outbursts, exhortations and prayers he released on Twitter for his 2.3million followers.

On his verified Twitter handle on Sunday morning, @dino_melaye wrote: “I pray for YOU and YOUR entire family that as you all launch out into this week and beyond Almighty God shall uphold, perfect and prosper your ways as well be your total refuge; keeps you all in affluence of sound health and above all no calamity shall befall on you (Amen).

“As you join the saints to worship God today, may the Holy Spirit empower you to TASTE the PRESENCE of God and experience his GOODNESS.

“Mercy will arrive timely when you need it, unmerited Grace will be available to you. Divine favor will locate you, no good thing on earth will ever elude you. Like the dew on the morning’s leaves, your life will always be sprinkled with unstoppable blessings.

“I commit you unto the hand of Almighty God this morning, His blessings, grace, mercy and goodness shall be your portion, He will send you help from above, He will speak comfort and solution to your situations, He will open the door of peace, happiness and progress unto you.

“As you are stepping out today, evil shall be far from you, the lord God Almighty will protect you in time of trouble, and every personality pursing you for evil will fall into the pit , the lord God will guide your steps, every barrier will be removed.

“Every opposition tongue will be silenced, no Storm, no delay , the lord will favor you, He will lift up your head, He will prosper your journey, your career will yield increase and your habitation will be peaceful in the mighty name of Jesus.

“The God of heavens shall turn your worries to wonders, the everlasting arm of the most High shall lift you high and above every flood of life, where ever you go and wherever you will be today, the peace of God shall be a shield around you.

“You shall have victory over challenges of life. God will give you and your family rest and cause you to sing a new song, mercy of God will speak for you in the high place , power of God will lead you to the land of fulfilment, you shall be awesomely celebrated soon.

“People you don’t know shall serve you and recommend you for honour. God will be your helper and provide for your needs. He will guide you to your miracles. No evil will come near you. No pestilence will know the road to your home.

“You are protected and preserved. You shall go out with joy and come back with rejoicing. Every good thing you have ever lost to the devil shall be restored in 7fold.

“I pray this morning that the power that brought down the wall of Jericho bring down all visible and invisible walls against your destiny, God will render impotent all the secret plans and plots of the evil ones concerning your life and family.

“As God blessed ordinary messenger like Nehemiah and he became the controller in the city of Jerusalem, so shall you be blessed, God Almighty will continue to silence the adversaries of your destiny and restore every lost opportunity of your past in the mighty name of Jesus. Amen.

“I pray that your gate of generational and abundant blessings shall open continually and the riches of the gentiles shall come to you. The face of God shall shine on you and He shall give you peace of mind in Jesus’ Mighty name. Amen.

“Testimony of Hannah silenced the harassment of Peninah, testimony of Jabez swallowed the sorrow of his mother, testimony of Joseph restored joy to their father, this year, you will share testimonies that will silence your enemies and swallow every sorrow and pain you have ever had.

“God Almighty will send helpers to you until you have achieved all your goals and objectives in life. He will connect you with people of value and good character that will influence your life and family positively.

“Your work will bring you unparalleled joy, you will walk in God’s strength and find courage through him, He will give you all that you need as you work to live out your dreams.”

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