Hanks Anuku Claims Nigeria Is Hard To Live In, Prefers Ghana

Nollywood actor, Hanks Anku.

Nollywood actor, Hanks Anku, has left Nigeria for Ghana. Despite his success in the Nigerian movie industry, Anku chose to drop his career and relocate to Ghana years ago.

Anuku, who rose to fame for playing the role of a villain in multiple movies said that he left Nigeria because of “the turmoil, anarchy, and crisis”.

The movie star disclosed this while speaking about his forthcoming project with BBC Igbo.

He said after his experience in other countries, he realized that Nigeria is difficult to live in.

He said:“I’ve travelled far and wide. I’m content with what I have. I don’t do robberies, apart from the ones we act on screen and in the movies. It’s not easy to live in Nigeria. Most of the time, I cast my burden on God,” the actor explained.

“But we’re still here, not leaving. What made me leave Nigeria was that, sometimes, one gets bored. I’ve lived in England, the US, in Italy. A lot has happened with me since the 90s. I’m a twin but not identical to my brother.

“The last trip I made, the southern command, Ghana presidency. We were in a position and I was the Nigerian who campaigned for President Nana Akufo-Addo the first time. We won. It was not easy. Nigerians are in Ghana.”

“I found Ghana more organised. I don’t have time to condemn anyone but the electricity was stable there and I liked it. It was easy to work there and progress. That’s the truth.”


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