Clothes Pile-up: Customers Urged To Patronise LG Free Laundromat

The first thing many of us do upon arriving home is to change out of the clothes we’ve been wearing all day.

While once we might have simply hung those clothes in the wardrobe or even piled up for a week or more, growing concern over allergies and pollutants and the special care that is needed for garments that are made out of sensitive materials has made proper clothing care a little trickier.

If you find yourself in need of a smarter way to take care of your clothes, then LG Free Laundromat might just be for you.

LG Laundry Centre has been helping people do their laundry faster and more efficiently since 2018. Located in five major cities across Nigeria, such as: Lagos, Ibadan, Benin, Port Harcourt and Kano, the move is to help alleviate the shortage of water and power supply in these areas so residents could efficiently carry out their laundry activities.

First established in Lagos, LG’s journey has seen low end Top Load washers give way to high-performance, large capacity machines capable of processing large loads of laundry in under an hour. Equipped with state of the art machines with the latest Commercial Washer and Dryer.

LG’s commercial washing machine and dryer models employ features to deliver clean, gentle clothing care. Every washing machine incorporates hygiene technology that cleans the drum before, during and after every cycle and LG’s commercial dryer uses high temperature air to sanitise clothes from germs and bacteria.

It provides meaningful and differentiated values to customers thanks to LG’s product reliability, low maintenance cost and energy and space saving. LG’s efforts continue to enhance the global presence in commercial laundry and to maximize profitable and sustainable growth with global partners.

LG is giving interesting opportunity to all customers who visits any of our Laundry Centres a chance to win a washing machine. All you need do is take your clothes for washing and fill out a raffle coupon to make you eligible.

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