COVID-19 Lockdown: Enforcement Team cautions against forging COVID -19 exemption permit

Residents of Abuja, the nation’s capital city have been enjoined to desist from the fraudulent act of faking COVID-19 lockdown exemption permit, just for the purpose of moving around, in defiance to the prevailing stay-at-home order.

Chairman of the FCT Capital Territory Administration  (FCTA ) COVID-19 lockdown enforcement team, Ikharo Attah who gave the caution, decried the alarming rate at which residents forge exemption permit.

Attah noted that many people who cloned the permit have been arrested and would be made to face the law accordingly.

According to him, the most annoying aspect of the situation, is the fact that many people caught with the cloned permit were not on any essential duty.

He however, reaffirmed that anyone found with fake and cloned exemption permit will be arrested to face the full wrath of the law.

“The remaining days of the lockdown in FCT will be very tough for violators,  as the security agencies have created a synergy for effective show of force.

“We are really having a tough time here,  what we are seeing here is very annoying.  The rate at which are coming out with fake pass tag is very much alarming.  We have arrested so many of them who photocopied and laminated the fake permits.

“We are moving them to the office of FCT police Commissioner.  It is even more annoying knowing that many of the people you see in the long traffic here are not in any essential service. They just fake the tags to be moving around instead of staying at home.

“In the coming days, it is going to he very tough, seeing what the Commissioner and his men has done.  With the support of the military,  it is going to be a total show of force.

“If you look at the curve of COVID 19, FCT’s curve is going down, which mean that we are working hard here, and we need to keep it that way, so that we can reopen the city.

“These people with the forged permits are going to face the  full wrath of the law.  Those who are not on any essential duty should stay at home”, he stressed.


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