Covid-19: School Proprietor Cancels Pupils’ Debts In Abuja

Barely a week after the Federal Ministry of Education announced the reopening of schools across the country due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Proprietor of Roteps International School, Abuja, Mr Michael Prince has cancelled the debts of some Pupils.

The debts, according to Michael Prince,
accumulated as a result of non-payment of school fees long before the Advent of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Speaking to TheFact Nigeria on the gesture in his office in Jikwoyi-Dagbana, Mr Michael said, “Last term before the lockdown, half of the parents had already paid their children’s school fees, and all of a sudden we are asked to go home because of the pandemic.

“I sat down before the resumption, and said to my self, asking them to pay what they were owning in this current situation may not be the best option.”

According to him, it wasn’t his intention to run the place as school but that he saw the need and plight of the children in the area roaming the streets and the greater future before them also the efforts of the parents and the willingness to sponsor their children in school that prompted the vision.

“As a matter of fact, I wanted to even make the place a charity Organization, but there is a need to pay the staff and to take care of the school.

“I have to call the parents and told them that as many who are owning the school , they should just forget about paying the debts, so I cancelled the debt”.

“I trust God for them to concentrate on the next term payment not this current one,” he added.

An eye witness who was in the meeting when he broke the news said, she was overwhelmed with the gesture.

Speaking further, she gave account of the joy of other parents.

“We are all shocked by this new development. I know what it takes to pay for a term, may God bless him”.

Another eye witness testified: “I know of a woman who was owning the school about #50,000 when she heard about this, she couldn’t believe and she broke down in tears”.

Beyond the cancellation of the debts owed by the parents, the Proprietor said, few years of existence of the School, some of the pupils are enjoying scholarship.

“The School has been able to give over 30 pupils Scholarship; their parents are unable to pay their school fees.

“I take it upon myself to see that we can contribute our quota to these children,” he said.

When Asked about the health measures put in place before the resumption, and the Academic plan for the term, Mr Michael has this to say:

“There are adequate preparations and Health measures in place for the safety of the pupils and we asked the parents to allow their sick Childrens to stay back at home till their full recovery and also we have qualified Medical personnels among us.

“It will interest you to know that all our Teachers are graduate in Education and they are giving their best to the call”.

The School however, has made affordable package for the intake . The new intake are to pay #15,000 for registration while School fees is 8,000 for a term.

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