LG ThinQ: Creating Smart Homes, Changing Lifestyles

It’s no longer news to say that innovations and advances in technology can have a profound change on lifestyles. While smart homes and smart products have clearly been embraced by mainstream consumers, what hasn’t been clear is what benefits users are actually getting in return for their investments. LG Electronics (LG) aims to be a positive force in the new age of the smart home, illustrating clear benefits of smart home technology via the LG ThinQ app.

No Need for an Advanced Degree

Contrary to what many might think, less tech-savvy users can enjoy the functions of a smart home. The fact that smart homes provide adaptable, easy-to-use solutions is an added plus. Smart homes can be enjoyed by everyone regardless of tech fluency or age and they can play an important role in narrowing the digital divide. In the ThinQ app, users can easily customize settings to all connected appliances in the house in one step. And with the ThinQ app’s Smart Diagnosis and Proactive Customer Care, users can identify and resolve issues without having to call or wait for a customer service representative or repair technician.[i] The ThinQ app even informs you when you’ve put too much detergent in the washing machine and when to change the water filter in the refrigerator.

Flexible Homes Adapt to Unique Lifestyles

While smart homes are designed to be universally beneficial, those benefits have the advantage of being unique to every individual. Smart spaces are providing flexible solutions that adapt to distinctive lifestyles based on users’ key values, interests and hobbies. For example, a person who has a passion for gardening may enjoy the remote control or voice command function of their smart TVs, refrigerators and washing machines as they allow users to communicate with their products even when they’re busy in the garden. With the LG ThinQ app and the company’s smart appliances, users have more time because they won’t have to constantly check on the progress. Laundry can be checked through the app so users know exactly how much time is left so they can afford to sit back and relax.

Navigating Sports Entertainment with Ease

For the sports fan, navigating a Smart TV can be an enjoyable experience. LG offers a variety of “premier league” TVs that can capture all the blistering action in absolute clarity. From multi-award-winning OLED TVs to the soon-to-launch QNED Mini LED TVs, and the more affordable yet highly capable NanoCell TVs; the company has all of sports-viewing needs covered. Conveniently available on LG TVs, Sports Alert keeps fans effortlessly up to date on their favorite teams. Receive notifications when their games are about to begin, real-time scoring alerts and final results even while watching other content. Users can also easily check out upcoming matches and other key information so they’re always in the know. Setting up Sports Alert is as easy as can be. Just press the Speak button on the LG Magic Remote and say “Sports Alert” and ThinQ instantly launches the app so users can select the sports leagues and teams they want to follow.

Paving a Smart Way for Sustainable Living

Today’s smart homes are setting a new benchmark for environmentally-friendly living. Among the long list of smart home benefits, saving energy is a key factor for most. Through energy optimization features found in the latest connected products, smart homes help users achieve a more sustainable way of life while protecting consumers from hefty energy bills. With the LG ThinQ app’s Energy Dashboard, homeowners can easily monitor how much energy every LG smart appliance is consuming so users can adjust settings accordingly to save electricity. LG’s eco-conscious appliances help reduce the home’s carbon footprint thanks to their efficient use of energy and water.

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