Military, Beneficiaries Of Insecurity, Says Sheikh Gumi

Islamic cleric, Sheikh Ahmad Gumi

Popular Kaduna-based Islamic cleric, Sheikh Ahmad Gumi, has alleged that military authorities thrive on the insecurity nation wide, and is the reason they don’t want the fight against insurgency to end.

The cleric, fielding questions when he featured on a program on Arise Television on Thursday, said that the military do not want to end insurgency because of the huge funds allocated for its elimination.

According to Gumi, the bandits are ready and willing to put down arms and return to the fold if the Nigerian government will accede to their demands, ” but the military is not encouraging matters at all because they are the beneficiaries of this insecurity”.

Gumi, who has been visiting bandits in forests in an attempt to negotiate peace deals with them, praised the police and the Inspector-General of Police, giving him credit for his assitance in that regard.

He disclosed that all the insurgents want is the provision of basic amenities that make life worth living.

“Look, they are ready to drop these arms and return to the fold of the Nigerians just for simple things; schools, hospitals, water,” he said, “but the military is not forthcoming, they are not cooperating, I don’t know why,” he asked.

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