Tiger Woods Expects Tougher US Open Challenge

Tiger Woods.

The 15 times major champion Eldrick Tont Woods also known as Tiger Woods expressed believe that the 120th US Open will be difficult.

Woods who will be competing with Justin Thomas and the holder of PGA Champion Collin Morikwawa in the first two round said “I think Winged Foot is right up there next to Oakmont and Carnoustie as far as just sheer difficulty without even doing anything to the course.

He told Skysports that “I think those three golf courses, they can host major championships without ever needing to do anything to them. This one or Oakmont here is either one or two.

“I was able to come up here right before I played in Boston, take a look at the golf course, and I was able to get my sight lines. This golf course is going to be one of the more difficult ones. The winning scores here have never traditionally been very low, and I don’t see that changing this week.

“The golf course is going to be hard. It depends on how difficult they want to set up these pins, give us a chance at it. But with the forecast, it’s going to be difficult no matter what.”

“This golf course has changed a lot since then, Obviously the greens, they’ve all been redone, and most of the holes are a lot longer than when we played in ’06, but technology has changed and the golf ball is going further.

“All the guys are hitting it further, so we’re playing from about the same spots. It just seems like, with every green, you have to walk back a little bit further.

“It’ll be interesting to see how much the USGA will cut the rough down and allow us to try and be a little bit more aggressive and get the ball up around the greens.”

“I miss the energy and just the positiveness that the fans bring and just that electricity,” he said. “That’s something I’ve been playing in front of for over two decades, it’s something I’ve been a part of, and I’ve been lucky enough to be a part of that.

“What we’re dealing with right now is not what we all want, but it’s our reality, and it’s the energy that’s just not quite the same without the fans.

“This area has some of the best golf courses on the planet, but also what makes coming up here and being a part of these events are the fans and the energy that this entire area brings.

“It’s a shame that we’re not going to have that atmosphere out here this particular week, but obviously everyone will be watching and be supporting at home or wherever is the safest. It’s not the same without the fan experience, but this is our reality for right now,” he said.

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