Why Sheikh Khalid Was Sacked – Abuja Mosque Committee Explains

Sheikh Khalid

The Committee overseeing the affairs of the National Assembly Legislators’ Quarters Mosque, Apo, Abuja, has said Sheikh Nuru Khalid was sacked because he was not remorseful over his criticism of the government of President Muhammadu Buhari in his sermon on Friday.

The Chairman of the committee , Senator Saidu Dansadau on Monday night in a letter announcing the sack said Khalids’ media reaction to his suspension showed that he was not willing to humbly reflect on the consequences of his utterances on the pulpit.

TheFact Nigeria Recalled that the cleric was suspended on Friday following a sermon he made during the Friday prayer in the mosque.

The cleric in his sermon blamed Nigerian politicians for being only concerned about securing the votes of the people.He also blasted them for paying lip service to securing the lives and property of Nigerians.

However, the committee said, “We regret to inform you that from today the 4th day of April 2023 you have been disengaged from the services of the above-mentioned mosque. This action is occasioned by the non-remorseful attitude you exhibited following your suspension on 2nd April this year.

“Akamakallah, you know better than me by the teaching of Islam, the essence of administering punishment is to correct behavior. Unfortunately, your media reaction to the suspension creates the impression that you are not remorseful, NOT to talk of humbly reflecting on the consequences of your utterances. Leadership demands a great sense of responsibility. If our words do more harm than good to larger interest of the country or the public. We have a responsibility to maximum restraint for the good of public. It is obvious however , that you don’t seem keen to modify your Friday sermon to be reflective of the votality of security situation in the country.

“ You are an influencer; your words carry a lot of weights, you words can make or mar our situation. Your words can be taken advantage of by mischief makers, those responsible for these security challenges or enemies of the country for their devilish agendas. As leaders of the mosque we have a sacred responsibility to avoid utterances that are capable of making a bad situation worse. This is our fear and concern.

“Our decision is informed by our obsession to promote peace in the country. We are not oblivion of the implication of our action in view of the penchant of many Nigerians for critique of government of the day. We however believe, no sacrifice is too much for the committee members to disengage you as part of our contribution ensure peace prevails in our mother land no matter the gravity of the consequences because we are convinced that you have no intention to change the mode of your sermon in the course of Friday prayers.

“You may wish to recall that throughout the fifteen years you served in the mosque neither my humble self no any Chairman of the Mosque or the Mosque Committee members at any point in time ever complained to you or directed you to stop criticizing ANY Government including PMB Administration. None has ever asked you, directed you to stop telling the truth or drawing Governments’ attention to do all that is within its power to save Nigerians from the persistent killings, kidnappings, maiming and raping of innocent citizens.

“Our differences erupted when during my second tenure as Chairman, we begun to advise you to the effect that mosque, especially during Friday sermons is not the appropriate platform to
Criticize Governments or entertain people because an Imam is not supposed to be a political activist or comedian which you want become. Qur’an Chapter 72 Verse18 says: “And the masjids are for Allah, so invoke not anyone along with Allah”.

“Secondly, you may wish to recall that the reason we advance for your suspension was inciting the electorate not to vote in 2023 general election. We know the impending danger to Nigeria and its people if 2023 general elections do not take place. I obliged you part of the information to unable you exercise some caution to ensure the elections take place peacefully in an atmosphere devoid of rancor.

“Thirdly, you claimed we didn’t give fair hearing. I do not blame you as a human being. You might have forgotten. Please recall the day Mosque Committee invited you, Mallam Abdullahi Adamu and Mallam Ibrahim Lawal (Usama) to a meeting in the house of honorable Bawa Bwari, Zone B, where individually we drew your attention to your deficiencies in the cause of preaching/Friday sermons. We warned all of you to change. You did not dispute our complains against you, but you rather apologized and promised never to repeat. Two weeks later you reverted. The other two fulfilled their promises. Members of the committee that attended the meeting are all alive.

“Fourthly, the mode of your preaching and sermons negates the teaching of the Holy Qur’an. Chapter 16 Verse 125 Says: “Invite to the way of your Lord with wisdom and beautiful preaching.

“Fifthly, your reaction to the suspension indicates you enjoy praises, commendations and eloges you receive from your audience and viewers at home and in diaspora. In my presence you once said, even former Minister of Petroleum, Diezani Alison Madueke called you, commended you and thanked you for your courage in criticizing Governments and telling the truth. If you don’t enjoy this and other thousand others in the social media you would have kept the information to yourself rather than obliging it to your fans.

“This attitude, by Islamic tenets, conflicts with the teaching of the holy Qur’an and many Traditions of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Qur’an Chapter 39 Verse says: “Say Verily I am commanded to worship Allah, making religion sincerely for Him”.

“Hadith: “The worst of what I fear for you is the minor shirk. They said(companions) what is minor shirk O messenger of Allah? He replied showoff (Riya). ” (Imam Ahmad)

“These, among many other sources are the basis of our action. When the Mosque was commissioned in 2007, a renown Imam, after introducing you to him as Imam of the mosque, warned me thereafter that I will regret appointing you as the Imam. According to his testimony about you, he said you were driven away from Jos due to your kind of hostile preaching which negates the teaching of Islam.

“Please note, I have no iota of regret or ordeal consequent upon the social media comments, allegations and abuses hurled against me which you apparently celebrate. I have never been intimidated in my life. I am not intimidated by your utterances nor the comments in the social media. In fact, I prefer to lose my life to shying away from taking this decision. God will certainly adjudicate on the day of judgement between you, my humble self and your fans. Allah (SWT) says:” Verily the hearing, and the sight and the heart all of these (a servant of God) will be questioned”. Qur’an chapter 17 verse 36.

“However, we wish to thank you and appreciate your fifteen-year service to the mosque. I pray to God the Almighty to guide you aright in your service to HIM and humanity. May He the Almighty and the Supreme protect you from showoff (RIYA) in all your services (IBADAH) to him,” the letter read.


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