Customs Alerts Public On Increased Activities Of Impersonators

The Nigeria Customs Service (NCS) has issued a crucial scam alert regarding the escalating activities of fraudulent entities falsely claiming association with the NCS for purposes of auctions or recruitment.

The Service, through its Public Relations Officer, CSC Abdullahi Maiwada, in a statement on Tuesday, decried recent events of a surge in scams orchestrated by deceitful individuals impersonating high-ranking officials within the NCS.

According to him, unscrupulous individuals exploit the trust of unsuspecting members of the public through social media platforms on which they promote fictitious auctions and sham recruitment drives purportedly endorsed by the Service.

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On how seized/overtime goods are handled by the Service, Maiwada explained that there is a laid down Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for disposal in line with the Nigeria Customs Service Act, 2023, adding that, “while these items might be in our custody, NCS officials are only authorized to conduct auctions or recruitment with the requisite legal backing in line with our processes and procedures”.

He unequivocally asserted that auctions of seized goods are never conducted via any social media platform, and any such claims on social media should be treated as fraudulent and promptly reported.

The Service further encouraged the public to verify information about the Nigeria Customs Service and its operations, exclusively through its official website, which it listed as as well as its help desk line at +2347037891156. It advised individuals to visit any Customs formation nationwide and meet with the Public Relations Officers (PROs) to verify any financial commitments related to seized goods or recruitment before proceeding.

“Our commitment remains unwavering in protecting the public from fraudulent activities. We implore everyone to exercise vigilance and prudence when approached with offers or announcements regarding Customs auctions or recruitment. Any suspicious activities should be reported to the nearest Customs office or through our official communication channels for immediate assistance”, the statement said.

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