Electricity: AEDC Begins Revised Service Reflective Tariff


Abuja Electricity Distribution Company (AEDC), has announced that from today, 1st November 2020, it has effected a revised Service Reflective Tariff as approved by the regulatory agency.

AEDC said, customers on the pre-paid platform would be the first to experience the revised tariff when they vend from Sunday, 1st November 2020, while the revised tariff would reflect in the bills for customers on the postpaid platform when they receive their electricity bill.

The Company in a statement said, “the tariff is divided into 5 Bands and based on hours of supply to the customers. While customers on Bands D & E have their tariff frozen, those on Bands A, B & C will see some level of reduction in their tariff as they vend.

“AEDC assures her customers that it will, in line with the spirit and letter of the service reflective tariff, ensure that all customers receive quality service. We are also committed to the improvement of service to customers in all our franchise area.

“We, however, appeal to customers to please see this tariff regime as an opportunity for them to join hands with AEDC to speed up the process of improving the quality of service in the Nigerian power sector,” the statement said.

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