Fight Against Terrorism: Prioritise Safety Of Lives, CAN Urges Military

The Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), has appealed to the Nigerian Military to prioritize the safety of innocent lives while combating terrorism across the nation.

CAN made the appeal in a statement on Thursday signed by its President, Archbishop Daniel Okoh.

TheFactDaily recalled that on Sunday, a military drone mistakenly attacked civilians at Tundun Biri, a community in Igabi Local Government area of Kaduna State. Not fewer than 85 people were killed while about 65 persons sustained injuries from the attack.

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However, CAN urged the military to ensure that proper precautions and measures are in place to avoid similar incidents in the future.

According to the Christian body, “this unfortunate event has resulted in a significant number of casualties, and our thoughts and prayers are with the affected families during this difficult time.

“We recognize that the Nigerian Armed Forces have been continuously combating terrorism within our nation. Furthermore, we commend the Armed Forces for their unwavering commitment to the fight against terror in Nigeria. However, it is crucial that restraint is exercised, particularly when intelligence reports are not definitive.

“We appeal to the Armed Forces to prioritize the safety of civilians and ensure that proper precautions and measures are in place to avoid similar incidents in the future.

“ In order to prevent the recurrence of such unfortunate incidents, it is essential that they be equipped with more accurate surveillance technology and intelligent devices.

“These advancements will enhance their ability to differentiate between terrorist threats and innocent civilians, thereby minimizing collateral damage”.

CAN while reiterating its unyielding support for the Federal Government in its ongoing war against terrorism and insurgency in Nigeria said, “It is imperative that these efforts extend beyond the affected regions and address emerging cases of terrorist activities and criminality in other parts of our nation.

“As an organization, we believe in the constitutional responsibility of the government to ensure the security and welfare of the Nigerian citizenry. Therefore, we urge the government to prioritize the safety of its people and take necessary actions to curb terrorism nationwide.

“We appeal to all interest groups, be it political or religious, to refrain from capitalizing on this tragic incident for personal gain. The focus should remain on supporting the affected communities and working together to prevent future occurrences.

“Finally, CAN remains committed to fostering unity, peace, and the overall well-being of the Nigerian people. We stand with the affected victims and their families during this challenging time, and we pray for healing and comfort,” the statement said.

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