Five Nigerian Companies With Worker-friendly Practices

In the pursuit of a worker-friendly environment, Nigeria has seen recognition from the Presidential Enabling Business Environment Council (PEBEC), which ranked the Nigerian Content Development and Monitoring Board, Standards Organisation of Nigeria, and the Nigerian Agricultural Quarantine Service as top-performing agencies in compliance with the 2022 Executive Order one.

Aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), specifically Goal 8, which emphasizes sustained, inclusive, and sustainable economic growth, productive employment, and decent work for all, organizations play a crucial role in achieving these targets. The International Labour Organization (ILO) defines decent work as “productive work for women and men in conditions of freedom, equity, security, and human dignity.”

Focusing on Nigeria, where long-term organizational growth can positively impact the nation’s economy and the African region, it is vital to spotlight private indigenous organizations excelling in creating a secure and stable environment for their workers. These companies also prioritize transparency, accessibility of information, good governance, cultural values, skill development, labor practices, and economic opportunities for their employees.

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Sahara Group:

As an energy and infrastructure company committed to sustainability, Sahara Group stands out for its secure work environment, run by highly skilled young professionals. Operating across continents with over 5000 unique professionals, Sahara Group embodies stability, transparency, and accessibility, ensuring fair pay and infrastructure that supports decent work.

Kreston Pedabo:

Founded in 1998 and recently rebranded as Kreston Pedabo, this organization has earned trust locally and internationally. With 10 partners and 150 staff across three locations in Nigeria, the firm specializes in various services, including audit, assurance, tax compliance, advisory, financial advisory, risk management, and management consulting. Kreston Pedabo is recognized for being a trusted, highly professional, and easily accessible company with a commitment to corporate governance, transparency, integrity, infrastructure, and security.

Tingo Group:

With a young and smart Nigerian workforce, Tingo Group, a global Fintech and Agri-Fintech conglomerate, exemplifies gender equality, good remuneration, safe working conditions, and a futuristic organizational approach. Driven by technology, Tingo Group prioritizes a decent work environment, infrastructure, and various sustainable goals, led by strong corporate governance and a robust organizational culture.

MainOne Cable:

Highlighted as a leading giant in the Nigerian telecommunications industry, MainOne Cable, in alignment with sustainable development goals, emphasizes gender equality and remains a top choice for accessibility, decent work, a secure environment, good corporate governance, and transparency.

Seplat Energy:

A leading energy supplier, Seplat Energy has been instrumental in driving Nigeria’s energy transition. Listed on both the Nigerian Exchange (NGX) and the London Stock Exchange (LSE), Seplat Energy has consistently demonstrated excellence in access, corporate governance, infrastructure, decent work environment, transparency, and sustainability, earning the ‘Excellence in Energy Leadership Company of the Year 2023’ award.

These five Nigerian companies not only contribute to the nation’s economic growth but also prioritize the well-being and development of their workforce, embodying the principles of decent work as defined by the ILO and contributing to the realization of the UN SDGs. (This Day)

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