GIFSEP Urges Tinubu To Address Climate Change, Energy Access Concerns

The Global Initiative for Food Security and Ecosystem Preservation (GIFSEP) has called on the incoming administration of Bola Tinubu to show political will in addressing the Climate Change and Energy Access concerns in the country.

GIFSEP’s Team Lead and Team Lead Vote for Climate Nigeria, Mr Mike David Terungwa made the call at a Press Conference in Abuja on Thursday to mark this year’s Africa Day Celebration.

GIFSEP is a non-profit organization founded on the ideals of Environmental Education, Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation, Renewable Energy and sustainable development.

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GIFSEP was established in recognition of the tremendous environmental challenges and the ever-increasing threats arising from the impacts of climate change.

Speaking, Mr Terungwa advised Tinubu to appoint capable and experienced individuals with track record into key ministries such as; Environment, Finance and planning, Energy, Agriculture, water resources and others.

He said, appointments should not be based on political party affiliation, zoning and political compensation alone, but on competence.

“We want a minister of Environment who is not a climate denier. He or she must be an individual that understands financial flows and can represent Nigeria at international bilateral meetings such as Cooperation of Parties COP among others”, he added.

GIFSEP’s Team Lead also said, at the
National Assembly, the Senate and house committees on climate and Environment should be senators and members of the house who understand climate and environmental issues and will perform oversight responsibilities with credibility.

The group calls for the appointment of capable Youths and women into the new governments at both national and state offices.

GIFSEP’s Team Lead and Team Lead Vote for Climate Nigeria, Mr Mike David Terungwa.

“The president Elect should be reminded that WE ARE SITTING ON GOLD MINE OF IDEAS FROM YOUNG PEOPLE AND WORLD. women and youths should not be excluded.

“Same advice goes to the State Governors as well. It is important to state here that Women and youths are most vulnerable to climate change impact and should be part of the solution.

“Put climate at the heart of all decision-making. Invest in data and Listen to the Science. All policies be backed by science. Re-activate and strengthen the inter- ministerial committee on climate Change

“The National Council on Climate Change should be funded to enable the implementation of the Climate Change Act. Establishment of a special fund to facilitate access to RE on the demand side. Increase funding to relevant ministries and agencies”, Mr Terungwa advised.

He advised the federal government to subsidise renewable energy and raw materials needed for the production and installation of solar panels.

Transition to Renewable Energy- Halt all new investments into New Fossil fuel projects in the country.

On gas flaring, he said, Early Warming Systems for Disaster Risk Reduction and management should be adopted.

May 25th Every year is celebrated as Africa Day; birthday of the Organization of Africa Unity, now Africa Union (OAU).

This year’s celebration was for the
60th anniversary of the OAU with the
Theme: Our Africa, Our Hope.

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