Give Us Security, We’ll Enjoy Our Lives-Pastor Tells Govt

Host Pastor, National Evangelical Mission Inc., Fred Adah.

…Dedicates Church

Host Pastor of the National Evangelical Mission Inc., Fred Adah has pleaded with governments at all levels to prioritize ending the insecurity in the country.

Adah who said this at the occasion of the dedication of his Church in Kubwa, Abuja on Sunday, also said that this will pave way for people of all religious beliefs to continue to live in peace and harmony and enjoy fellowship with one another.

TheFact Nigeria reports that members of the congregation echoed a resounding “Amen” to this request, praying fervently for an end to the ugly situation.

Pastor Adah said: “When a nation is not secured, life is in disarray. Give us security and we will enjoy our lives. I am trusting God that our leaders will begin to see it that we the subjects that they are leading, we are interested in their progress and they should know what to do for the nation. They should know the right steps to take. They should know what Nigerians need now is security”.

Church Under Persecution

On the trials he said: “The Church is actually under a lot of persecution. We have been praying that the Lord will help us overcome. In respect of that, we must also try to speak the word of God at all times and also the love of Christ so that the world may know that there is no way a man can find love except in Christ.

“When a man finds love in Christ, the mindset of trying to attack or fight God’s business or persecute the Church will be restricted. The reason why there is a lot of persecution towards the Church of God is because many have not yet understood who God is all about.

“In doing evangelism, we should apply wisdom. By knowledge, a city is built and when there’s lack of knowledge, things fall apart. I want to say that irrespective of the persecution, we have our part to play as a Church by doing the will of God, speaking to the world, telling them what God can do, showing them the love of Christ and with that, I believe that we can have victory over the world.

Showing Love

“Even in the time of Jesus, there was persecution. He had suffered a lot of persecution. When Jesus was on the earth, He went through a lot of attacks but He still escaped all the persecution and still preached love.

*We are in a world today where sometimes, we see the people that we love but they don’t love us but we can do our part by showing them love”.

The Rapture

On his vision of making the Church rapturable, the Pastor said: “I have been taking steps to prepare my Church for the rapture. You can see the number of people that came. Its because of aggressive, persistent talking and doing what the Lord has sent me to do, we are where we are today and this is not our final destination. We are trusting God for a larger place and we’ll keep talking, we’ll keep showing love and let people know that our lives don’t end here and there is a place after here.

“We will keep talking and it is our belief that one day, those who thought that they were not loving, become loving. Those who thought that they were not Godly, become Godly and those who thought that they were not children of God become children of God”.

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