IGCSE Rates 16-Year-Old Medha Best In Physics, Chemistry

Apart from her passion for arts, 16-year-old Medha Krishna Elluru has recorded a fresh academic feat just as she exhibited excellence winning top in Physics and Chemistry in the just concluded International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE).

Pearson Edexcel IGCSE is the world’s most popular international qualification for 14- to 16-year-olds which has been tried, tested, and trusted by schools worldwide.

Medha’s stunning achievements in 2023 indeed proved the saying that success doesn’t come when your hands are folded in your armpits but through hard work, determination, and confidence by scoring top rank in the whole country of Nigeria in the Pearson Edexcel IGCSE Physics and Chemistry examinations.

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It would also be recalled that Medha successfully hosted a one-day solo art exhibition titled, ‘Unity in Cultural Diversity’ which was held at the art gallery within the premises of the National Museum, Onikan Road, a remarkable event that attracted a large crowd in June 2023.

Reacting to her current academic success, Medha said, “I commend my parents for their unwavering support towards my education, the moral and financial supports, the sacrifice they’ve made and still making, I will never take these for granted, neither will I stop doing my parents proud in all my life’s endeavors. I also thank my teachers for their efforts and fantastic teaching techniques which are good enough for me to fully understand each topic and to fully solve questions on my own afterwards”

On her preparedness for the examination, Medha said “I always had an aim to get such scores in my IGCSEs. Indeed, I always aimed high, set my goals accordingly, and importantly worked hard to achieve – by designing a detailed plan, and implementing it.

“Another factor that also helped me achieve this feat was my studying technique which mainly includes solving loads of questions, and past papers for each and every topic that is being assessed; it exposed me to the way questions are set and the way they are meant to be answered. Importantly, I was able to understand the mindset of the exam and gained a lot of exam techniques, which I feel is a very important skill to acquire in order to sit for such type of exams, apart from understanding the content. My goal, which was to be at the top, was a motivation for me. My studying technique helped me a lot. It exposed me to a wide spectrum of questions. It gave me an idea about how questions are meant to be solved.

“Additionally, you should never compromise in understanding the content/coursework completely. You need to pose lots of questions, clarify them, and learn for satisfaction and not for the exam. As a result, indirectly, you would learn various concepts, which ultimately makes the exam feel very easy to sit for. It is very crucial to push yourself to the hardest, and never compromise on hard work. There is no shortcut to success. Follow the path of excellence wholeheartedly, the success will back you”.

Medha’s mother, Mrs. Elluru who spoke on her child’s landmark accomplishments stated:

“I feel so proud to be the mother of Medha and so is her dad too, we both feel rewarded and elated and I believe her current milestone will no doubt be of immeasurable value to her education even as she grows older and as she moves higher academically.

“I appreciate the CIS school management for sustaining the congenial and conducive environment that contributed to her excellent performance. I must also appreciate them for their reflex of excellence, commitment, and dedication in teaching my daughter to be globally recognized and celebrated as the best IGCSE results holder in Physics and Chemistry in the country, my joy is really boundless,” she said.

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