LG InstaView Refrigerator: A Sure Companion For Healthy Living

Nowadays the importance of cleanliness cannot be overstated. Frequent hand-washing greatly eliminates the possibility of spreading infectious pathogens. Consumer Electronics leader LG Electronics, always at the cusp of innovation, is taking the idea of cleanliness a step further. The LG brand introduces new technology to fight with you in keeping harmful bacteria and viruses at bay in the new InstaView Refrigerator. LG’s UVnano is a breakthrough that represents the future of personal care. This innovative sanitization technology works to eliminate 99.99% of harmful germs in just a few minutes using ultraviolet light.

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About LG’s UVnano Technology

First off, how does the UV disinfection technology work? Simply put, UV products work to inactivate bacteria and viruses. UV light kills viruses by changing their DNA and RNA and destroying their ability to reproduce. The technology is being adapted in many other products now, including those we use at home.

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LG has always stood out for their technology innovation, and they haven’t lagged in launching features that promote healthier living at home. LG’s UVnano technology basically uses built-in ultraviolet light to eliminate 99.99% of harmful bacteria and germs in just a few minutes, per LG’s tests.

The latest refrigerator with InstaView Door-in-Door technology that LG introduced to the Nigeria Market in 2022 is among the products that incorporate and highlight this sanitation feature.

How does UV light sanitize drinking water?

There is a type of ultraviolet light that does kill viruses, it’s called UVC. The UVC light is an extremely effective tool against decontamination and sanitization. It is also the best way to kill viruses in water.

So how does UVC work, and how effective is the use of ultraviolet light in drinking fountains, water refill stations, and dispensers to provide safe drinking water? UVC rays have the shortest wavelength of the three main types of UV rays: UVA, UVB, and UVC. This also means UVC have the highest energy, and can therefore kill bacteria and viruses, (e.g. pathogens). It is a powerful tool against decontamination because it destroys molecular bonds that bind the DNA of viruses and bacteria (hospitals have been using UVC light to decontaminate wards and surgical tools for years.)

Ultraviolet light is a natural means of effectively cleaning drinking water without using harsh or toxic chemicals. The UV light rays with wavelengths of 240 – 280 nanometers destroy approx. 99.9% of the crucial DNA of potential pathogens and thus prevent their reproduction.

How Does the UVnano Water Dispenser Work?

Among the “germiest” items in the kitchen, refrigerator water dispensers proved to grow yeast and mold. The refrigerator water dispenser nozzles should be cleaned weekly to prevent yeast and mold growth.

For 10 minutes every hour, the powerful built-in UV LED in LG refrigerators with UVnano water dispensers automatically operates to reduce up to 99.99% of bacteria (like E. coli, staph, and P. aeruginosa) on the water dispenser nozzle after 24 hours, based on LG’s testing.

If you’ve ever experienced allergies, stomach problems, infections, pneumonia, and other health concerns, you probably know that the bacteria mentioned above are not something to mess with. And if you haven’t, you’d want to avoid them. Being able to drink water without worrying about these bacteria building up in it gives you peace of mind! And knowing that this feature is running around the clock will definitely help put you at ease.

Another good thing is its automatic. Unlike water filters, you don’t have to manually clean your dispenser so often to have a germ-free drink, so there’s less maintenance on your part. Sounds impressive, right?

How Do I Use It?

Let me explain how easy it is to operate this feature. It’s done in two ways–automatically and manually. Without having you lift a finger, the UVnano function will run automatically every 10 minutes per hour. Want extra assurance? You can activate it manually – just press and hold the Self Care smooth-touch button in the refrigerator’s control panel for three seconds. Such a breeze.

Aside InstaView Door-in-Door refrigerators, you can find this feature in some of LG’s products; Wireless earbuds with UVnano charging case, Wearable air purifier with UVnano charging case and Air conditioners with DUALCOOL technology, using a multi-step filtration process with UVnano (Gencool & Artcool AC)

Studies show that earphones for example, have 2,700x more bacteria than a kitchen cutting board. It’s very hard to clean properly given that it’s delicate and has a lot of nooks and crannies. LG FN7 Tone Free wireless earbuds solves this and gives you peace of mind thanks to its UVnano charging case. Utilizing built-in ultraviolet light, LG’s slim charging case keeps listeners’ ears cleaner by eliminating 99.9% of bacteria from the non-toxic, hypoallergenic silicone ear gel and inner mesh. The compact charging case provides up to an hour of listening time after only a five-minute charge.

The LG Puricare Mask, which went through the social media rounds last year, also utilizes UVnano technology in its accompanying charging case. This case is designed to clean and protect the wearable air purifier while charging. It uses UV light to eliminate 99.99% of germs in just 30 minutes and remove bacteria from filters up to 99% using dry mode (4 hrs.). It is a smart, hygienic way to store your wearable air purifier.

For clean air on a larger scale, LG offers UVnano technology in its new air-conditioners as well. After all, with all your precautions, if the air from your air-conditioner is dirty, then the point is moot. LG’s DUALCOOL technology uses a multi-step filtration process with UVnano to reduce allergens and harmful bacteria, ensuring the air you breathe is completely clean. Both innovations work together, keeping your fan 99.99% bacteria free with ultraviolet light.

Consuming more water is proven to build up one’s immune system, as water helps carry oxygen to body cells while removing toxins that could build up and cause health problems in the long run. Powerful UV-C light eliminates germs from the refrigerator’s water dispenser to give users added reason to drink more water and build up a stronger immune system to fight off infections.


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