Local Oil, Gas Operators Urged To Leverage Technology For Business Growth

With the newly signed Petroleum Industry Act (PIA) in Nigeria, local Oil and gas traders/operators have been advised to leverage technology if they truly desire to join the global oil and gas community.

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This position was canvassed at the weekend by Mr Osagie Ediale, the Chief Executive of Flagship Energy Limited in a statement released in Abuja.

The deployment of technological initiatives for procurements in the oil and gas sector, will certainly boost operations and by this adoption, Operations in the sector will be seamless as all the perceived or imagined bottlenecks will become things of the past.

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The Flagship Energy Limited,boss said in the statement, that technology is fast dominating every operation and all human activities, so introducing it to the oil and gas sector especially in both the upstream and downstream areas should be encouraged.

“Elsewhere in the global community, technology has been adopted in virtually everything and so we should leverage on this locally by making it a way of life” Ediale submitted.

While giving kudos to President Muhammadu Buhari for his consent of the PIA, Ediale said indigenous operators like Flagship Energy are looking forward to supporting the growth of the Nigerian economy through technological innovations and efficient business strategies in the light of the complexities in the oil and gas sector.

“Knowledge of information technology driven discipline, which requires specialized skills set and deep financial capability are key drivers of the sector,” he explained.

According to Ediale, the Federal Government realises its main stay for the economy from sales of crude oil, gas and condensates and so much is needed to boost its revenue streams by adopting technology to block all the leakages since the economy will remain glued to the oil and gas sector for a long time to come considering its strategic importance.

“It will be wise to put in everything necessary to cushion it despite the implications of the current global energy transition.”

He admitted that “ there are inherent risks in production and sales of the crude such as supply side disruptions and price violations that pop up through geographical factors that could negatively affect government revenue and national budget”.

In this regard, Flagship Energy ,he said,is strategically positioned to work with the NNPC Limited to device cutting edge strategies to mitigate the risk and revenue losses associated with oil price volatility.

Ediale further explained that “as the global energy transition gathers momentum, Nigeria is uniquely positioned to maximise the full potentials of its significant gas deposits which are expected to enjoy strong demand well into the future as a transition fuel, since renewable energy economy is evolving at a rapid pace with focus on wind, solar, and hydro for transmitting to a low carbon, greener world” adding that Flagship Energy is eminently positioned to offer value in this regard with its deep expertise and experience in the renewable energy sector”, he added.


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