McEnies CEO, Omolaraeni Harps On Benefits Of Integrated Marketing Communications

Omolaraeni Olaosebikan has proven not to rest on her oars just as she redoubled her commitment to the process of brand engagement and detailed brand storytelling, which are initiatives that have given her cutting edge in her career, whilst also showing consistency in clients’ satisfaction.

The CEO of McEnies Global Communications who is championing a 360-degree marketing communications powerhouse with cross-solution services while delivering a lecture on the benefits of Integrated Marketing communications at a seminar organized at Lagos Sheraton hotel recently said success in business is not ‘rocket science’ but conscious, unwavering determination and serious hard work.

Speaking specifically to the topic of the day Omolaraeni said: “Integrated marketing is the principle of creating consistent messages across your marketing communication channels. Companies with an integrated marketing strategy strive to show customers the same visual aesthetic, the same slogans, the same promotions, and the same overall tone across multiple channels.

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“Whether these, customers engage with your product via a digital ad, a billboard, or an in-store experience, they’ll see a unified look and feel.

“As a small business owner, avoiding such customer confusion is probably in your best interest. You do this by employing consistent messaging throughout all your marketing efforts. This is known as integrated marketing communications.

The marketing communications expert also dazzled her teeming audience with what she described as a disjointed brand experience by the customers, in her explanations with an example to guide her claims, she noted:

“Imagine seeing a billboard advertising a car rental company. The billboard has a red and blue colour scheme and sports the slogan Car Rentals Done Right!”

“You remember the brand name, so later, when you get home, you visit the rental car company’s website. The site has an orange and yellow colour scheme and uses a slightly different slogan: Do Your Car Renting Right! You might be asking yourself is this really the same company? What you have just experienced is a disjointed brand experience. This hypothetical car rental company gave you a different look and a different message on different marketing channels.”

On the benefits of integrated marketing in brand management, the Ekiti born communications guru said.

“Successful integrated marketing campaigns can yield many benefits for both small businesses and large corporations. When your demographic encounters your company across multiple channels, you get multiple chances to deliver the same consistent message. You can also use different marketing strategies to reach your target audience on each channel. For example, you might use search engine optimization (SEO) to improve your website’s ranking on Google or retargeting ads to reach customers who have already visited your site.

“I’ve also realized that Integrated marketing helps stretch your digital marketing budget. Because you will use very similar creative across multiple marketing channels, it’s like getting several campaigns for the price of one. You also can collect customer data from all different platforms and use this valuable information to inform future marketing decisions.

“IMC also improves brand loyalty; it allows you to build a rapport with your target audience and create long-term customer relationships. You can establish trust with potential and current customers by delivering a consistent message across all channels. When customers trust your brand, they’re more likely to do business with you and recommend you to others.

“Another benefit is what I call streamlined management. To thrive in the digital commerce economy, many marketing managers embrace omnichannel marketing which involves a presence on everything from TV to social media platforms to Google Ads. An integrated marketing strategy helps your marketing team manage all these platforms and channels because you’ll be using the same slogan, colour scheme, and sales promotions on all platforms.” She spoke.

When asked on how to create a robust integrated marketing campaign, Omolaraeni in her response maintained that every committed stakeholder in the profession must understand campaign goals, know and identify the target audience, carefully select marketing channels, decide on creative direction, create a plan to collect leads, coordinate launch, analyse results, and accordingly adjust campaign and repeat to suit the set narrative.



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