My Song, “Alcohol”, Does Not Encourage Alcoholism -Joeboy


Nigerian singer, Joeboy, has stated that his latest hit single, ‘Alcohol’, is not meant to encourage alcoholism as it seemed.

The 24-year-old singer released ‘Alcohol’ in September and it had been criticized for passing the wrong message.

Some lovers of music are of the opinion that the song explicitly endorses drunkenness while others see it as a suitable song for post-heartbreak situations.

So far, the project inspired several alcohol-related trends across social media platforms.

Joeboy in a recent interview however cleared the air on how his song is being accepted.

He said he is not encouraging alcoholism in any way with the song.

He also advised his fans to stop getting drunk in a bid to escape from life challenges since it won’t solve the situation.

He said:“being tipsy inspired ‘Alcohol’. There are different challenges in life; it never ends. There is always something one needs to fix or solve.”

“I am not encouraging alcoholism in any way but I understand that people need breaks. However, trying to run away from one’s problems won’t fix them at the end of the day.”

The musician also indicated that the song is different from his regular niche because he is evolving as a singer.

“It is really special for me, seeing how big the song is becoming and how big it is going to get. It was a different step (direction) in my sound. It’s not like the regular Joeboy sound that people are used to,” he said.

“I am more or less known as a lover boy. I am not saying it’s a bad thing but I wanted to explore different sounds. Alcohol is the first step in evolving my sound.”

He disclosed that he was nervous while recording the song because he was not sure how people will accept it.

“I was a bit nervous before the song was released because I was not sure if people were going to accept it. It is totally different from what I normally do,” he said.

“The reception has been amazing so far. It is my biggest charting song since the beginning of my career.”


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