Rufus’s Incarceration: More Facts Emerge Over Rhoda’s Death

More facts have emerged on the circumstances, which led to the imprisonment of a Nigerian, Rufus Anthony in France over alleged murder of his estranged wife, Rhoda Chucks.

Rhoda was said to have walked out of the marriage on February 14, and excommunicated her husband thereafter. But the police authorities later stormed Rufus ‘residence, where he was living with his ex-wife; whom he begged to reunite with on December 15, 2015, a year and half later to arrest him for the murder of Rhoda.

But it has been established that Rhoda was communicating with her mother, Mrs. Franciscan chucks between the period she left her matrimonial home in France and the time of arrest of her ex-husband.

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The investigation into the matter also revealed that not only that Mrs. Chucks was in contact with her daughter, but was also alleged to have been going to one John around Ikotun Market in Logos State to collect Euros notes during the period her daughter divorced Rufus.

However, the Interpol’s investigation into the matter has already established a linkman, who handled transactions of collections of hard currency from Rhoda and onward transfer to John Osa in Nigeria as Efosa Erobosa.

This prompted Rufus’ mother, Joy to have recently asked her mother in-law to explain to the world her relationship with one John Osa she was allegedly collecting Euros notes from at Ikotun market area during the period her daughter divorced her son.

But when one of our correspondents recently made contacted with the wife of Efosa Erobosa, Mrs. Lovett in Benin City, the Edo state capital, she declined to offer any information on how the newspaper can reach out to her husband.

Lovett, who asked the reporter to leave behind his contact to enable her pass it to her husband, added that her husband had informed her that he has already given the Interpol the necessary information on the issue.

Erobosa, was allegedly collecting money from Rhoda in France and transfer to John Osa, who also passed it on to Rhoda’s mother in Nigeria. He formerly lived in France but now relocated to Italy.

Recall the issue of Mr. Rufus Anthony currently serving a jail term in a prison at Saint-Etienne, France over the death of his estranged wife, Rhoda, has been in the news of recent.

Rufus mother, Madam Joy Anthony, who felt her son was being unjustly incarcerated of recent cried out to the Civil Society Organizations, CSOs, and other Human Rights bodies to intervene and set her son free.

Madam Anthony had earlier appealed to President Muhammadu Buhari to interface with his French counterpart, Mr. Emmanuel Macron, to release her son, Mr. Rufus Anthony from prison.

She said her son was wrongly convicted by France authorities and therefore called on the CSOs to interface with all relevant agencies to enable her son regain his freedom.

She said her son, Rufus was wrongly convicted for offence he never committed and therefore, demanded that a judicial review of the case be carried out with a view to setting her son, Rufus free from incarceration.

Mr. Rufus is currently serving a jail term in a prison at Saint-Etienne, France over the death of his estranged wife, Rhoda, who reportedly died sometime in February 2015 in France.

Rhoda separated from her husband, Rufus, abandoning her son, Michel with her husband.

She said, “This happened on February 14, 2014, that Rhoda left my son’s house only for police to storm his residence, where he was living with his ex-wife; whom he begged to reunite with on December 15, 2015, one year and half later to arrest him for the murder of Rhoda.

She lamented that “The police arrested her son, charged him and the court in France convicted him for been the one who saw Rhoda last and now Rufus is languishing in prison custody.”

“Even though, no prove of evidence linking him to her murder, my son was sent to prison, because they insisted he was the last person that saw her.”

While further appealing for her son’s freedom, she said, “My son alerted me immediately Rhoda packed out of his house and police came after him one year and half after to arrest him for the murder doesn’t stand.

“If Rhoda has separated and excommunicated my son Rufus for that period of 18 months, who and who was she communicating with within that period under review would be a nut to be cracked by intelligent communities of both Nigeria and France, while deploying technically.”

Madam Anthony, who alleged conspiracy by the family of her late son’s wife, Rhoda to nail him at all cost, submitted that the truth must be known if search is made into call logs of all parties, including Rhoda’s family and my son.

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  1. Rufus why not confess and stop feeding people with lies,I just thank God you’re in the white man’s land where they deal with FACTS. Autopsy showed how and when she died,so forget all your cock and bull story.
    Provide all these names that were in contact with Rhoda and her family,you cannot provide.
    Okay provide proof of the money sent to the family,you cannot provide either,you keep telling lie upon lie to cover more lies.
    The interpol investigated this issues,they went ahead to investigate the back dated call logs,previous backdated whatsapp chats,bank accounts of both mother and sister have equally been questioned and interviewed severally,Thier response has been same from day one.
    Rufus I put it to you that you alone staged and properly prepared her murder cos you were angry and raged when she kept disturbing you to take her back to Africa. Rhoda can NEVER leave her son and walk away from that marriage cos she loved you,but you have been wicked to her from day one by telling her all sorts of lies, everytime she confronted you for a simple truth,you beat her up mercilessly.When she begged that you take her back to Nigeria you beat her up beyond recognition.I give God glory today that your wickedness and sins has found you out.

    My prayer for you:
    Accept Jesus Christ and beg God for mercy cos you alone know what you did with Rhoda and God will judge you severely for causing her family pains.

    Lies can’t save you,only Jesus can.

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