What To Know About LG Dual Inverter Technology

As innovation and creativity walk hand in hand with change, LG took a step further to upgrade from the Inverter technology to Dual Inverter which consumes much lesser energy than conventional ACs. LG call theirs Dual Inverter technology.

All new range of Air Conditioners from the house of LG have the revolutionary DualCool Technology. This technology, with the unique Dual Inverter compressor is ahead of its conventional counterparts and makes it possible for our Air Conditioners to cool faster, last longer and run quieter.

How does LG DualCool Technology Work?

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LG Air Conditioners with the DualCool Technology have Varied Speed Dual Rotary motor with wider rotational frequency. This ensures faster cooling and more efficiency as well as drastic reduction in noise levels. It constantly adjusts the compressor’s speed to maintain desired levels of temperature and assured savings – both power and bills.

Moreover, the LG stabilizer free technology will not only help the consumer to save money spent on stabilizer but also enhance the aesthetics of the room. Staying ahead of the competition, LG also offer a 10-year warranty on the compressor.

Benefits of LG DualCool Technology

One of the key benefits of LG’s Residential Air Conditioners lies in their Dual Inverter Compressor technology. In contrast to non-inverter air conditioners, an air conditioner with an inverter compressor can automatically adjust the compressor speed to maintain an exact temperature level based on the environment. In addition to expelling air farther and cooling spaces up to 40% faster, a Dual Inverter air conditioner saves up to 70% more energy.

Quick Cooling

The speed and performance of the compressor is faster and more powerful, allowing the air conditioner to cool faster than conventional ones.

Maximum User Comfort

The speed of Dual Inverter Compressor is constantly adjusted and varied to maintain the desired temperature with minimal fluctuation.

Reduced Operating Costs

DualCool Technology minimizes energy loss and keeps the efficiency levels high to provide the most economical air conditioning.

Low Noise

This makes the air conditioner operate at low sound levels backed by LG’s skew fan and Dual Inverter Compressor; that subtract noise.

4 Step Energy Saving Feature

Cooling a home can be expensive, particularly during the hot season months. LG Air Conditioners avoid these costs and save energy by taking advantage of its Active Energy Control.

Smarter features, smarter living

Smart appliances are getting smarter every year, and air conditioning is no exception. With the LG ThinQ app, you can control your Artcool or Gencool air conditioner from your smartphone, allowing you to adjust the temperature and settings even when you’re not at home. This is perfect for when you want to walk into a cool room after fighting your way through the holiday traffic or if you simply can’t find your remote.

Sleek design, easy installation

LG’s Air Conditioners have a sleek design and a hidden display that allow them to blend seamlessly into any room without detracting from your décor. They are also designed for quick and simple installation, making it easier to upgrade your living space with an air conditioner that keeps the season heat at bay.

Built to last because inverter motors have much less wear and tear, an air conditioner with a Dual Inverter Compressor can cool faster, use less energy, and run quieter. It also lasts much longer. This is also why LG can offer a 10-year warranty on the compressor. Without worrying about expensive repairs or replacements, you can enjoy a cool and comfortable home every season for the next decade.

Keep your cool all season

Overall, LG’s Air Conditioners are an excellent choice for staying cool during the hot and dry season. With energy-efficient technology, a range of smart features, a sleek design, and a 10-year warranty on the compressor, they’re the perfect way to keep your home as cool and breezy.

DualCool with Gen Mode

GEN Mode function allows the Air conditioner to operate at lower power levels. Thus, home appliances can be used with air conditioners without disruption. On GenCool AC with Multi Step function, it boasts of three levels of energy saving and efficient cooling. At Level 1, it provides “continuous cooling” with less energy using a smaller energy consumption step compared to the other levels. Level 2 provides “maximum cooling” depending on generator capacity while the level 3, according to the environment of AC user, offers maximum cooling while saving energy in comparison with having the Gen Mode function turned off.

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