​ ​ As Nigeria Celebrates Its 60th Independence Anniversary Today – UG Mohammed

As we reflect on our journey of nationhood, there is every reason for one to be worried about our failure to achieve more.

However, former Managing Director and CEO of the Transmission Company of Nigeria, TCN, Dr. Usman Gur Mohammed, in this piece, said it is important for us to note that Nigeria has achieved a lot in the last 60 years.

Let us note the following:

  1. How many countries in the World have successfully built a new Federal Capital?
  2. How many countries have emerged a united country after a bitter civil war that lasted for more than 3 years?
  3. How many countries that have more than 400 different ethnic groups are living together as a nation?
  4. Is there any country in Africa that has successfully restored peace in two other African countries like Nigeria did in Liberia and Sierra Leone?
  5. Did Nigeria build the longest bridge (3rd mainland) in Africa?
  6. Despite its shortcomings which we need to fix, is Nigeria not the only country in African that has successfully completed its power sector reform?
  7. Is Nigeria not the country where tension can be very high in the morning almost as if evening will never happen but in the evening people go about their normal businesses as if nothing happened showing our uncommon sense of forgiveness?
  8. Are there people with uncommon determination to succeed like Nigerians (listen to Fareed Zakariya’s episode on President Trump visa ban)?
  9. Is there any nation that the entire black race worldwide looks up to for emancipation other than Nigeria?
  10. This can go on and on…..

As we celebrate our independence, let’s resolve collectively to take responsibility to make Nigeria more prosperous. Let us focus on those things that unite us as a nation.

Let us focus on adding value to our collective  endowments to propel this country to a greater height. Let us focus on those things that will endure for a longer term and stop selfishness.

Let us remember nations are in competition and not all are happy with what nature (God) has bestowed on us. Let us look to the future with hope and determination.

Today we should celebrate our heroes that fought for our independence. We should also celebrate those citizens who paid supreme sacrifice in the service of our father land and many Nigerians suffering days and nights not because they are lazy but because of lack of access to opportunities.

Let us remember “Freedom” is hard to get. Let’s appreciate everything we have and reflect selflessly on how best we can make Nigeria better going forward.

Finally let us celebrate the great miracle of freedom. Happy Independence Day.

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