Action Alliance Counters Splinter Group Over Chairman’s Emergence

On March 14, 2021, the Action Alliance held its convention at the party’s headquarters in Abuja where a new exco emerged.

As contained in the result sheet for the election and sighted by TheFact Nigeria, the Action Alliance reelected Chief Kenneth Obidiche Udeze as its National chairman, who got 160 votes to beat his opponent, Mr. Uzenuru Nwachukwu with five votes.

At number 19 on that list, National Publicity Secretary, Rev. Iheanyichukwu
Dennis Ubani was elected by affirmation among other officials.

Also, according to the resolution of the Action Alliance, at the March 14, 2021 National Convention, the trio of Mr. Olu Omotoso from Oyo State was expelled from the party along with Adekunle Rufai Omoaje, Osun State, and Adeyemi S. O. of Oyo State.

In a Communique purportedly issued at the end of an emergency Virtual NEC meeting of Action Alliance, held the night of Saturday, 14th day of March, 2021, Mr. Olu Omotoso signed as the
National Publicity Secretary of the Action Alliance.

“There were news reports about purported releases of one Kenneth Obideche Udeze, who claimed to be National Chairman of Action Alliance. In the said report he (Kenneth Udeze) claimed he held congresses and convention that threw him up as the elected National Chairman of his so called mirage Action Alliance.

“Ordinarily, we would not have responded to his shenanigans as that would have meant glorifying his rascality with the dignity of our response, but for the purpose of setting the records straight, and for the purpose of letting the whole world know the criminal mindedness of this impersonator, we are making this communiqué public.

“It is on record that, this Kenneth Obidiche Udeze has since the 14th of February, 2020 ceased to be a member of our party, Action Alliance. He was found wanting on several allegations bothering on criminal diversion of party fund, unilateral alteration of party papers and documents, forgery and anti-party activities. A disciplinary committee was setup to look into these allegations, he was invited to defend himself, and he blatantly refused to so do.

“Upon the third invitation in accordance with our party constitution, the committee drew up and submitted its report. National Think Thank Committee, the highest ruling caucus of our party sat and review the recommendations of the committee. The caucus gave him another lifeline to come and defend himself, he also refused to do so till the lifeline lapsed. Thereafter, the Caucus suspended him at its scheduled meeting monitored by INEC as required by law.

“Follow-up to his suspension, and his refusal to come up with a defense in response to all allegations against him, the National Convention of our party resolved and expelled him on the 14th of February, 2020. This Convention was duly monitored by INEC, he was formally informed, and it was also widely publicized.

“He has since went to nine (9) different Courts to ask for reinstatement as chairman, and all nine Courts have ruled against him. He has employed many strategies to arm twist the courts to procure judgment in his usual way, but has not succeeded, hence his new approach to deceive the people by using the media to strangulate facts.

“We wish to state categorically here that:

• “Kenneth Obidike Udeze is an impersonator, a liar, a political charlatan that has no other means of livelihood other than political machination.

• “Kenneth Obidiche Udeze is no longer a member of Action Alliance since his expulsion from the party on the 14th of February, 2020.

• “Kenneth Obidiche Udeze is currently answering to criminal charges bothering on forgery, alteration of INEC official documents and other charges at an Osogbo magistrate court, he is currently on bail from Ilesa prison, Osun state.

• “Members of the public should beware of this impostor parading himself as what he is not, as whoever gets scammed or duped by him in the process, shall have himself to blame after this release.

• “All media house getting deceived by his (Kenneth’s) shenanigans should beware, as the party may be forced to seek for legal redress against them should they continue in this criminal collaboration with him.

• “Anybody who is in doubt of these facts could crosscheck with INEC to know the true position of things in respect of this issue.

• “The general public, IPAC, CNPP and all other political parties should please take note of these established fact, and abstain from any kind of dealings with this fellow of questionable character.”

In a swift reaction, National Publicity Secretary of the Action Alliance, Rev. Iheanyichukwu Dennis Ubani countered addressed the issues raised by Omotoso’s Communique as follows:

“Olu Omotoso, your ignorance has become dimensional, as you have manifested your hatred for due process and indeed why it is improper to give office to people who are naïve, uninformed and ill-informed about public affairs and court processes.

“Your so-called Communique issued at the end of your purported emergency Virtual NEC meeting of the unrecognized Action Alliance faction, held the night of Saturday, 14th day of March, 2021, could easily land you in prison, as your vitriolic was a clear violation of court ruling in all the matters you so brazenly concocted.

“A legitimate Convention of our party, which was free, fair and well observed by relevant electoral umpire representatives and security Agencies, held on the 9th, 10th, 11th and finally on the 14th March, 2021, and you have the audacity to call it purported? Anyways, you and your fake Group couldn’t participate because you were not elected delegates.

“Instead of staying far away and throwing missiles to our National Chairman, why not repent of your sins and come and beg for forgiveness? Assure him that you will not show any form of Anti-party and acts of insubordination anymore, am sure he will surely forgive you. The time is now, make good use of it.

“Now, let me lecture you a little.

Point Number 1:
“The National Chairman, is the Chairman of the Think Tank Committee, and as such, he is the only legitimate person to summon meeting of the Think Tank Committee. So, stop misleading the public, with your ignorance.

Point Number 2:
“Chief Barr. Kenneth Udeze’s tenure as the National Chairman, is still current, and he is right (by virtue of our constitution) to call, schedule and run for another term of four years, which has been concluded and he emerged victorious as the National Chairman elect, for another term of four years.

Point Number 3:
“The learned trial judge, the Honourable Justice Binta Mohammed, in suit instituted by our National Chairman, wherein he sought for declaration as well as injunctive Relief regarding the position of National Chairman of Action Alliance (AA), in the High Court of the Federal Capital Territory (where our National Headquarter is operated from), on the 12th of February, 2021, had Judgement Delivered to his favour as the subsisting and authentic National Chairman of our peaceful party.

Point Number 4:
“If you had anything against that judgement, the wisest and best thing (for people with good intentions for the party) to do, was to either appeal, or at best join the queue.

Point Number 5:
“Let me also remind you, that the court judgement holds it that “The 2005 Constitution as amended, having been duly amended at a Convention Presided by Chief Barr Kenneth Udeze, still remains the only valid document governing and regulating the conduct of the affairs of the Party, till date’’.

“So, Omotosho, where is the ground from where you are making all your claims?

Point Number 6:
“Be informed that INEC, has been duly served with the judicial finding of the Court, and the recognized and authentic Leader of the Action Alliance still remains, Chief Barr Kenneth Udeze. All this your blackmail should stop, as the Committee of friend of the National Chairman, may sue for character assassination should you continue to act as an errant truant.

Point Number 7:
“You cannot continue to manipulate people and the very Osogbo magistrate court, any longer, it doesn’t matter who you are using there in your hometown or geopolitical zone.

Point Number 8:
“As it stands now, you are no longer in our party, as you were expelled from our party in the just concluded National Convention, which held on the 14th March, 2021. You have no reason to discuss anything that concerns our party anymore.

“To be fore warned, is to be fore armed. A word is enough for the wise.”

Meanwhile, the Action Alliance has set April 13, 2021 as the date for the inauguration of the new exco.

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  1. From the presentation here in this report, the arrangement, the language, pseudo names and concocted dates and venue, I know I can not swim in the dirty water of ignorance with uninformed minds like this so called Dennis Ubani.

    He is not in anyway my match, neither does he has the membership status to speak to me. His principal, Kenneth should be the one responding to me as younger party member. I am Kenneth’s leaders in this party, so he should take me on, and not some naive attack dog.

    Dennis Ubani is certainly and ignoramus who doesn’t even know how things run.

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