APC Stalwarts Jittery As Obi Vows To Reclaim Stolen Mandate

Peter Obi during the International Press Conference in Abuja on Thursday, February 2, 2023.

There is palpable fear in the camp of the All Progressive Congress (APC) over the move by the Labour Party (LP) to tender in court evidences of election malpractice in the just concluded 2023 Presidential Election.

The report of the fear in the camp of the APC was disclosed by the Vice Presidential Candidate of the LP, Dr. Datti Baba-Ahmed on his Twitter account on Thursday, March 2, 2023.

Dr. Datti said, “APC is very scared. Someone who works closely with BAT confided in me and open up about that’s happening in their camp. But I mean who wouldn’t be scared of Peter Obi? I mean OKWUTE ndi Igbo!!! My obidients, stay calm let Peter Obi lead this battle.

“Even with their stolen mandate, they don’t know how to celebrate. Fear has crippled their heart as they don’t know how long the mandate will be in their hand, because i’m very sure it’s for a little while before the original owner claim it back. Peter Obi will get his mandate.

“With what I have heard and seen that has been happening in Lagos. The Suffering and injustice, the thuggery etc and people getting away with it. I urge everyone to come out on the 11th of March let us change the narrative Lagos will be great again”, he said.

Meanwhile, the Presidential Candidate of the LP in the just concluded Presidential Election, Mr Peter Obi has disclosed his party’s intention to challenge the process of the 2023 election in court.

Obi made his intention known during an International Press Conference in Abuja on Thursday, March 2, 2023.

He assured his supporters that his stolen mandate would be restored by the court of competent jurisdiction.

“The commitment and resilience of Nigerians, even in the face of unwarranted and barbaric attacks is a testimony that a New Nigeria is Indeed POssible. The Lady, Jennifer Efidi who was stabbed but insisted on exercising her right to vote and indeed all Nigerians who voted during the election are the shinning stars leading us to a New Nigeria!

“The election has been conducted and results announced as programmed. It is a clear deviation from the electoral rules and guidelines as we were promised and did not meet the minimum criteria of a free, transparent, credible and fair election devoid of voter intimidation and suppression, and late commencement of voting in some specific states.

“This will probably go down as one of the most controversial elections ever conducted in Nigeria. The good and hardworking people of Nigeria have again been robbed by the institutions and leaders whom we trusted.

“However, let me humbly and most respectfully appeal to all Nigerians to remain peaceful, law-abiding and conduct themselves in a most responsible manner. Please be assured that for Datti and I, and indeed for all of us, this is not the end, but the beginning of the journey to birth a New Nigeria.

“Datti Baba-Ahmed and I remain absolutely undaunted and deeply committed to this project of a New Nigeria that will be built on honesty, transparency, fairness, justice and equity. All of these starts with the process -The process through which people are elected to office is as important (if not more important) than what they do thereafter with the office and authority.

“If we seek to be called Your Excellency, then the process through which we are elected should also be excellent or sufficiently credible to generate the required confidence and moral authority to govern and lead. As you all know, the destruction of a society can be a gradual or sudden process through acts such as deliberate refusal to obey the rule of law and via the suppression of the will of the people.

“Let me reiterate and assure my good people of Nigeria that we will follow all available legal and peaceful procedures to reclaim our mandate.

“I urge you all to continue with your campaigns and troop out on Saturday 11th March 2023 to vote massively again for Labour Party-LP (Mama, Papa and Pikin) in the Governorship and State Assembly Elections. Please do not despair at a time when we can still achieve massive victories in the forthcoming elections on the 11th March 2023”, Obi said

Asked if he could prove that the election results were manipulated, the former governor of Anambra State said, “if I tell you everything what will I tell the courts? You know I’m obidient. They said we should go to court, I will go there and prove it! I will challenge this rascality for the future of this country”.

On his part, LP Stalwart, Prof. Pat Utomi said, “in 50 years of activism, nothing quite prepared me for the last 3 days of impunity that beggars belief. Seems though that the way to go is from anger consumption to positive production by ensuring a massive Labourvote on March 11. First signals the wind of February 25 blows still.

“I am hitting the campaign trail hoping to traverse several states in the next week buoyed by the same ideals of taking Nigeria back that propelled me to traveling with PO to Biu in Borno, Gombe, Yenegoa, Sokoto etc. PO will also be on the road. Time to sweep out rot.

“No force on earth can stop an idea whose time has come, especially if God is there in the wind of its sail. It’s evils final gasping breathe of state capture as you Labour to deliver a new Nigeria. Let’s bring redemption to Nigeria with our Labour in the face of Grand vote theft”, he said.



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