Audit Reports: Allegations Of Information, Data Concealment, False, Frivolous -NEITI

The Nigeria Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (NEITI) has described as fictitious, incorrect, false, and frivolous the media reports alleging that it concealed some information in its 2021 oil and gas industry report.

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NEITI in a statement on Monday said, the unfounded allegations credited to a private company- ABZ Integrated Ltd arose from deliberations of the House of Representatives Committee on Public Petitions where ABZ Integrated Ltd is also asking the National Assembly to compel the Federal Government to pay it 5% “whistleblowers fee” as a reward from recoveries that may arise from the spurious allegation.

The agency said, it “wishes to clarify that the allegations of concealment of information and data in its reports are fictitious, incorrect, false and frivolous.

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“NEITI hereby restates that the openness requirements of the stakeholders-driven process of the global Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI) which NEITI is implementing in Nigeria does not provide any room for any concealment of information.

“It is equally important to state that the NEITI process is not designed for any individual or group to seek financial reward or derive selfish benefits,” the statement stressed.

NEITI explained, “We have already made a comprehensive presentation that clearly addressed all the issues that were raised in the uninformed petition.
The reason for our detailed response was to avoid any individual or group under any guise, misleading the House Committee, the National Assembly, and the general public. NEITI in its response, clarified all the issues and prayed the House of Representatives to dismiss the petition as it affects the Agency because it is frivolous and has no merit“.

For instance, on the issue of Cash Call Payments which the petitioner alleged were concealed, NEITI referred the petitioner to pages 104-107 of the NEITI 2021 oil and gas industry report already in the public domain and on our website www.neiti.gov.ng where detailed information and data on cash call payments and general management including recommendations were publicly declared in facts and figures.
Similar disclosures were also common features in NEITI’s previous reports of the sector over the years.

NEITI added that going through the petition from ABZ which a copy was forwarded to the agency, it observed poor quality, understanding, huge gaps, and misconceptions in the contents of the said petition about the NEITI process.

NEITI said that it is concerned and considers it a matter of urgency for the petitioner (ABZ Integrated Ltd), to be helped, educated, and enlightened on the basic principles, methods, processes, and standards that guide the EITI Reports, the multi-stakeholders framework involved and the responsibilities of government, companies and the civil society at every stage of the EITI/NEITI process.

“NEITI also considers this a distraction coming at a time that data from NEITI’s report has been internationally acknowledged and endorsed to be credible by the global Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative in its recently released report of Nigeria’s international assessment.

“In the assessment, Nigeria recorded its highest score of 90 points on data integrity, comprehensiveness of report, outcomes, and impacts, contribution to economic growth and adherence to legal frameworks, a pointer to the enormous and painstaking efforts undertaken in generating the information and data contained in NEITI’s industry reports.

“It is also important to enlighten the petitioners that the tendency to seek financial entitlements from the NEITI process is a futile attempt at gold-digging, likened to chasing the wind.

“While NEITI welcomes criticisms of its processes, the agency advises that such criticisms need to be informed, constructive, facts and evidence-based capable of promoting quality public debates.

“NEITI therefore, offers the petitioner free education, enlightenment, and capacity building on the NEITI/EITI process, its overall target of incentivizing reforms that enable natural resource revenues to support national development and poverty reduction in our society”, the statement said.

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