Helicopter In Iranian President’s Convoy Crashes

One of the three helicopters carrying Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi crashed in East Azerbaijan Province.

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Iranian Media report that some of his companions in the helicopter managed to make contact with the relevant authorities.

Meanwhile, IRIB News Agency wrote, “Rescue teams are continuing their efforts to reach the crash site.”

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Ali Zakari, Deputy Governor for Development in East Azerbaijan, told the “Sharq Network” website, “I have not yet arrived at the accident site and do not have details about the incident.”

Zakari stated that the accident occurred near Varzeqan and continued, “There were three helicopters, two of which landed safely, and one of them crashed.”

The provincial official emphasized that the number and identities of any potential casualties, as well as the exact cause and details of the incident, are not yet known.

Iran’s Red Crescent announced that rescue teams have been dispatched to the crash site. (Iran International)

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