Police To Lift Ban On Tinted Glass, Train Enforcement Officers

Ahead of the proposed lifting of ban on tinted glass nationwide, the Nigeria Police Force (NPF) is training officers to enforce strict compliance with the guidelines governing the issuance and use of tinted glass permits in the country.

Force Public Relations Officer, ACP Olumuyiwa Adejobi who disclosed this in a statement on Thursday, February 22, 2024, said, the training was part of ongoing efforts to enhance national security and curb criminal activities facilitated by the misuse of the tinted glass.

ACP Adejobi disclosed that the Force has concluded its review of the issuance of tinted glass permits, previously banned in June 2022, due to widespread concerns regarding the role of tinted glass in aiding heinous crimes such as kidnapping, armed robbery, the illegal transportation of firearms, human trafficking etc.

However, he said, with the proposed lifting of the ban, stringent measures are being implemented to prevent abuse.

He revealed that ICT Analysts and Enforcement Officers nationwide would undergo a comprehensive training scheduled for the 29th of February, 2024, as a prequel to the reopening of tinted glass permit issuance.

According to him, the training would equip ICT Analysts and Enforcement Officers with the necessary skills and knowledge to regulate the registration process, guide registrants on the use of the portal where required, attend to complaints from members of the public, and enforce compliance effectively.

He further disclosed that the training would focus on the intricacies of the new guidelines, emphasizing the importance of maintaining a delicate balance between public safety and individual freedoms while safeguarding national security.

He said, “the proposed tinted glass permit will incorporate distinctive features aimed at enhancing enforcement efficiency and security. These include a QR code linked to a central database for real-time verification, unique serial numbers correlated with vehicle and owner details, as well as a digital hologram ensuring authenticity and integrity, among other measures.

“It is crucial to highlight that the guidelines for the issuance of tinted permits and the use of tinted glass will strictly adhere to the provisions of the MOTOR VEHICLES (PROHIBITION OF TINTED GLASS) ACT 1991 and other relevant extant laws. This strategic approach underscores the commitment of the Nigeria Police Force to prioritize public safety while upholding individual rights and national security interests.

“The Nigeria Police Force remains committed to providing updates to the general public on the implementation of the reviewed process of tinted glass permit issuance, ensuring transparency and accountability in its efforts to maintain internal security”, he said in the statement.

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