Tony Elumelu Foundation Funded 700 Healthcare Entrepreneurs In Africa

By Alice Etuka, Abuja

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The Tony Elumelu Foundation has said it funded over 700 healthcare entrepreneurs across Africa with a gender distribution ratio of 49 percent male to 51 percent female.

Chairman United Bank for Africa (UBA) Group & Founder of The Tony Elumelu Foundation, Mr Tony Elumelu disclosed this on Monday, May 13, 2024 at the Abu Dhabi Health Forum, Abu Dhabi.

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Elumelu explained that, entrepreneurs had gone on to help communities and even their countries in advancing health care delivery in Africa.

He said he invests in healthcare businesses in Africa because he sees the daily challenges – and opportunities:

“We run clinics and one of the largest HMOs in Nigeria. We democratize access to healthcare.

“I am also a philanthropist – my foundation is the largest dedicated supporter of young entrepreneurs in Africa – and as you may know, we invest, train, and network healthcare entrepreneurs across Africa”, he stated.

The UBA Chairman informed that his focus was improvements and equality in healthcare, leveraging the power of entrepreneurship, innovation, and working across sectors to make a difference:

“We all i.e. private and public sectors and the development world need to prioritize appropriate capital allocation and investments in innovation (health research and health technology / IT) to drive global improvements in health outcomes — across Africa.

“Energy deficit and Healthcare Delivery: We need to work innovatively across social sectors to achieve results. A high percent of health care facilities in Africa do not have reliable power supply (I think it’s around 40%) — without power, the health outcomes will be low” he said.

The Business Mogul further explained that unlocking climate funding for healthcare delivery was paramount to addressing the climate change problem:

“We hear so much about available climate financing for renewable energy projects, as well as climate change adaptation and resilience projects — but what about unlocking climate funding for healthcare delivery as well — particularly on the margins where climate change is leading to new diseases, or diseases appearing in place they were not seen before.

“As healthcare issues are becoming more severe due to climate change, how can climate funds be accessed to address healthcare as well? With private sector innovation, startup funding from foundations and financial institutions, health care policies from national and global health systems, investments from all as well as cross-sector collaboration, we can move humanity forward.

“But the quality of healthcare in the world’s poorest countries, can have an impact on the richest countries — the world is interconnected, and climate change is making transmission happen faster. Covid started in China and quickly spread to all parts of the world. The lesson here is that we should be interested in global health equity and not just national heath because poor health outcomes affect all everywhere”, the Philanthropist said.




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