We Stand With Tinubu’s Agenda On Electricity – Adelabu

The Minister of Power, Chief Adebayo Adelabu has expressed his Ministry’s readiness to work in line with President Tinubu’s turnaround agenda for the power sector for the overall interest of all Nigerians.

Tinubu in his New Year message to Nigerians said, the administration recognises that no meaningful economic transformation could happen without a steady electricity supply, consequently, working to speed up the delivery of the Siemens Energy power project that would ultimately deliver a reliable supply of electricity to homes and businesses under the Presidential Power Initiative which began in 2018.

He said, other power installation projects to strengthen the reliability of the transmission lines and optimise the integrity of the National grid are ongoing across the country.

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In his reaction, the Minister of Power said, the Ministry, agencies, and DisCos worked tirelessly during the yuletide season to enhance power supply while also acknowledging positive improvements.

Adelabu noted that in recognising the critical role of electricity in economic growth, the initial three months of his assumption of office focused on diagnosis, stakeholder consultation, and strategy formulation. With a well-documented implementation plan, adding that it is now time to take decisive action.

“Our primary focus is enhancing distribution and transmission infrastructure to minimize technical and commercial losses. The lack of liquidity continues to be a significant challenge in the electricity market. We are currently reviewing the implementation process of a cost-reflective tariff, while the Government will continue to subsidize power supply to those that are vulnerable in our society. Closing the meter gap is imperative, and ongoing initiatives, including World Bank programs and the Presidential Metering Initiatives, will gain momentum. The Ministry will intervene in distribution infrastructure, supplying transformers to communities without burdening citizens financially”, he said.

The Minister said, the rural electrification would remain a priority, with plans for solar-powered mini/micro grids and street lights while collaborating closely with DISCOs and State Electricity Boards, “our efforts will align with local needs”.

He said in order to improve the transmission infrastructure, “we have reactivated the Presidential Power Initiative (Siemens Project) which will strengthen the national grid, and minimize technical losses. We will also be implementing the Eastern and Western super grid projects to strengthen the grid and increase electricity supply to demand centers in the country.

“The Transmission Company of Nigeria will be reconstituted in the short term, separating Transmission services from System and Market operations in the first quarter of this year. In the medium to long term the Transmission grid will be separated into regional grids to enable effective management”, he said.

“Generating at installed capacity is a goal for government-owned plants, while private companies are encouraged to invest further. Off-grid and distributed generation, utilising renewables, will be a focal point, solar PV plants, small hydro plants, and wind farms will be strategically deployed”.

On Power theft, the Minister said tackling power theft and vandalism is paramount. “This national responsibility requires joint efforts to protect our assets. The Ministry has informed the NSA of recorded cases, and collective action is essential to eliminate these setbacks”.

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