Woman Blasts Wives Whose Husbands Order Food Online…. See Mixed Reactions

A lady, identified as @QueenYetty1_ on Twitter, has taken a swipe at married women whose husbands order food online.

The lady took to her Twitter page to state that a wife has failed when her husband starts ordering meals from online food vendors.

According to her, a woman shouldn’t even consider herself “a wife” if she can’t perform the basic duties of a married woman.

In her words, “If your husband starts ordering foods online…. You’ve failed as a wife.”

Here are some of the reactions:

@Temidayo_10 wrote,: “Lol so my wife should die of stress because she doesn’t want to fail as a woman?
Whenever she doesn’t feel like cooking, I will or we order
No be only her go fail
We fail together”

@Iamfabulousjojo wrote: “Gen Z would always try to be woke and be commenting “Order for 2″. But deep down, you know she’s right. If you’re ordering, it should be once in a Blue Moon. If it’s every time, then she has failed as a wife. You’ve failed as a husband. And both of you have failed as a couple.”

@_cute_abby wrote: “Story!!! Aunty you better wake up, there is no medal for best wife or hardworking wife. When you let stress take over you and you look haggard, he will look for a fresh girl to date or marry. This life na one, enjoy it.”


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