2023 Presidency: Tinubu Has Demonstrated Capacity To Solve Political Problems- Support Group

Asiwaju Bola Tinubu

The Tinubu Support Group( TSG) has urged the former Lagos State governor, Bola Tinubu, to contest for President in the 2023 general elections, saying he possesses the needed capacity to solve the myriad of socio-economic and political problems besetting the nation.

The lawmaker representing Ikeja Federal Constituency, James Faleke, made the call on behalf of the group on Saturday at the “Unveiling Asiwaju’s Legacies”, and inauguration of states’ steering committee in Abuja.

TheFact Nigeria reports that the TSG is an organisation formed by millions of followers and supporters of the Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu progressive ideology.

The primary purpose of the group, is the propagation and promotion of the former Lagos State governor’s ideals.

Faleke said: “The solution is to look for a candidate who has demonstrated the capacity for solving social, economic and political problems; a patriot and a performer; a knowledge leader and a head hunter; a thinker and a doer; an auditor and a logistician; a man with analytic, predictive and systematic intellect.

“A man of deep compassion and selfless generosity; a man who has been tested and trusted; a true federalist; a financial strategist; a visionary beyond illusion.

“This is a man who left office in 2007 yet remains popular till today because he is focused, consistent and persistent. He has been the central figure in Nigerian politics.

“We are talking of a man who has groomed leaders of leaders including me and many others seated here today. All his disciples and our families have no other reason at this crucial time than to be loyal to a man who gave us food when we were hungry, a man who gave us water when we were thirsty, a man who gave us opportunity when we didn’t stand a chance.”

He underscored the need for the APC to approach the 2023 general elections on a united and formidable front, adding that hope must be kept alive.

“This is not negotiable! Our party must go into the next elections with the determination to win fair and square. We must mobilise the voters to see the gains of continuity. Our party must give hope that we can continue to provide the greatest good for the largest majority of our people”, the federal lawmaker noted.

According to him: “Why is this important? It is because of the solid achievements of the Buhari administration in transportation (including our fast rail service and improved road network). mass housing, preventive health, export-led agriculture, functional education, improved electricity and stronger communications are today blurred by the threats posed to the national economy by the dangers of banditry, kidnapping and separatism.

“The destablising agenda, sponsored by domestic nihilists and foreign enemies of Nigeria, must not be allowed to shape the narrative of the 2023 elections. Our party and government must snap victory from the jaws of these challenges. It is not the time to experiment with inexperienced experts. It is not the season for those who can talk but have no history of walking their talk.

“We have discovered a man who has developed many leaders: Councillors, Chairmen, Members of Houses of Assembly, Members of the House of Representatives, Senators, Ministers and even Vice Presidents within and outside the country.

“We have discovered a man who is ready to sacrifice all he has for his fatherland. A man who had comfortable control of the entire southwest and six solid governors yet threw everything into the alliance with President Muhammadu Buhari with 12miliion votes but with one governor to build a new Pan Nigerian Party of his dream. A man who ran a state that gave opportunities to citizens for appointive and elective positions on merit, without regard for their religion, ethnicity or class”.

He said the All Progressive Congress (APC) was lucky to have Tinubu as, according to him, the party will not have to look elsewhere for a formidable candidate to fly it’s flag in the 2023 presidential election.

Hear him: “Our party is therefore lucky that it does not need to go on a Wild goose chase for the man to fly our party’s flag in these challenging times; a time when the Presidency of the Federal Republic of Nigeria must go to the person who can continue to end baditry, to crush kidnappers and engage separatists so that our people can live in peace and prosperity. this is a man who will use his financial wizardry to further the gains of economic transformation.

“To secure the votes of the majority in 2023, we must present a candidate who knows where the shoe pinches the average Nigerian, not just because he has been there, but because, as the governor of the most difficult, most complex state in Nigeria, he put smiles on the faces of the poor by convincing the rich to join the government to chase poverty from the streets.

“He is already our national leader. By the practice and standards in other climes, when the issue of raising a Presidential Candidate is on the burner, such a personality should be given the right of first refusal.

“The cast is still alive and even the landscape can tell the stories of its transformation from 1999 to 2007. We all witnessed how a poor government, struggling to manage N600 Million monthly revenue in 1999 was turned to a prosperous government making N35billion monthly”, he said.

Earlier in his welcome address, the Director General of the TSG, Arc. Umar Mohammed, said thus: “In our search for credible leadership to consolidate and improve on the enormous gains of the Buhari administration in the next dispensation, we have painstakingly and consciously undertaken to observe, study and critically analyze the challenges confronting the nation as well as our immense resources, potentials and strength.

“We have also reflected deeply on the outstanding leadership qualities, personal attributes and antecedents of Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu as a man with the attributes of hard work, extensive vision, rich experience and striking intelligence, networks of vital contacts, sense of equity, justice and fairness with high regard for the rule of law.

“We therefore call on Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu to avail the nation of his enormous wealth of experience, outstanding and visionary leadership qualities, to contest the 2023 Presidential Election.

“Tinubu is a bridge builder across regional, ethnic and religious lines that is capable of uniting the Country. We have identified him as an exceptional manager of resources and a seasoned administrator and we are convinced that the nation needs him in the next dispensation.

“We have no doubt that he has the capacity and the political will to institute a new concept of governance and a new agenda of sustainable development, to provide effective leadership, capable of providing solutions to the numerous challenges confronting the nation.

“We have identified Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, as a patriot in words, in action, and indeed, a leading light among the people, a detribalized strategic thinker, with national outlook and balanced judgment, an exceptional manager of resources, a quintessential and visionary leader, an accomplished politician and a seasoned administrator, a statesman in Spirit and in physique, whose strides in the nation’s political landscape remain outstanding, as the man the nation needs in the next dispensation”, he said.

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