Kylie Jenner Vibes To Wizkids Essence

Kylie Jenner & Wizkid.

Nigerian musicians are really making waves around the world.

Grammy award winning artiste, Wizkid’s music, ‘Essence’ appeals to American reality star, Kylie Jenner.

Kylie was seen singing one of Wizkids songs from his recent album, Made in Lagos album titled Essence.

The one-time Forbes youngest billionaire was found singing along to Wizkid’s song on her Instagram story while showing off her body.

The video immediately went viral and attracted so many comments on Nigeria’s social media.

Some people commended the singer for being on a young billionaires instagram story while supposed haters were of the opinion that the musician must have paid her to promote the track.

The story has gathered over 188k views and many have commended the Musician for his Essence song which is loved by many.

Watch Video here:

See comments here:

This news comes after legendary American rapper, Snoop Dogg, was seen dancing to Wikzid’s Essence in a viral video.

Snoop Dogg was spotted in a video posted on Twitter by showing when he was having a good time on his Instragram live stream on Saturday, April 17.

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