Karu isolation Centre ready for COVID-19 patients

The Acting Secretary, Federal Capital Territory (FCT) Health and Human Service Secretariat, Dr. Mohammed Kawu has declared Karu General hospital ready with necessary facilities and equipment to cater for would be patients of the COVID 19 in FCT.

Kawu, who made this declaration during an inspection visit to the isolation facility, said that the hospital was earlier opened to the general public before being restructured to be in tune with the facilities that can be found in any other isolation centers for the treatment of Covid-19.

“This hospital has been in existence for a very long time. It was built as a general hospital. However, Covid-19 is an infectious disease so we have restructured the facilities here to make this place be in turn to what infectious diseases center should be in order to manage Covid-19 would be patients in the FCT.

“As you are all aware, this is one of the centers that is being put in place in the FCT to handle Covid-19 cases. We have Asokoro District hospital being coverted and commissioned. The FCT Minister last week inspected the Idu isolation centers,” he said.

Also speaking, a Director with the Federal Capital Development Authority (FCDA), Architect Robert Unde explained that Karu isolation center for the treatment of covid-19 pandemic will be converted to Karu General Hospital soon as the country overcome the coronavirus disease.

Unde added that just like Asokoro General Hospital, the Isolation Centre will be decontaminated and restructured for such use .

‘’This is for 120 beds, we only took a part of 30 beds, we have upgraded our facilities to grades, 1,2,3, grade 3 are for milled patients, 2 for patients with some symptom but not very severe, we shall fix ventilators while grade 1 patients will get the tertiary institution treatments, we shall be providing necessary facilities and equipment next week for smooth take off”, he stated.

Earlier in his remarks , the Medical Director of Karu General Hospital, Dr. Osamuede Ojo, said the Centre
has been structured to redefine and avoid movement clashes.

According to him, the Centre presently has 30 beds and 15 bed wards for patients.

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