Only Hungry Fans Tattooing Celebrities On Their Body -Maryam Charles

A Nollywood star has lashed out at fans who are in the habit of drawing celebrities on their body.

Actress Maryam Charles said such fans are just hungry and looking for a way to exploit celebrities.

The trend has witnessed a rising number of individuals doing it to either get the attention of the celebrity or simply for monetary gains.

Bobrisky’s fans have been the main actors in this funny movie and Maryam Charles has kicked against it.

According to the screen diva, hunger is the reason people are drawing permanent tattoos of their favorite celebs on their bodies.

In her words: “Too many things are wrong with Nigeria, we all know this. But the rate at which suffering and hunger have increased is shocking. Everywhere you turn, you can see the hunger and desperation in the eyes of people. Coming online to beg for ₦2k has become a full-time job for some. It’s sad, to be honest.

“The funny thing is we know why things are like this. But in Nigeria you live in today, if you criticize them, you are a hater. God help us. Why do you think these people are drawing permanent tattoos of their favorite celebs on their bodies? Why has it become a trend? Na hunger dey cause am. You really cannot blame them, all na hustle”.

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